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Bay Ballet Dance and Arts Foundation


We are excited to announce the creation of our new foundation, a California nonprofit organization to help promote dance and performance in our community. Bay Ballet Dance & Arts Foundation’s mission is to motivate and foster appreciation for dance by furnishing excellent training and education programs and first-class dance productions.
Our outreach programs will seek to introduce dance education to local schools and our community. Students who are not exposed to dance due to economical reasons will have an opportunity to discover the love for our performing arts.

Scholarship opportunities for children that are passionated for dancing but come from less fortunate households will have the chance to train in our Academy.

Less privileged school students and special community members will be able to experience our magical productions that we produce twice a year. Our live productions on stage are an important tool to introduce, inspire, and nature the love for dance.

Ballet Dance & Arts Foundation is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization. Our tax id number is 85-3236502



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