Bay Ballet Academy Tuition

Classes per WeekSemester TuitionTotal Classes in Semester
1$36024 classes
2$64848 classes
3$86472 classes
(Please, call for available times and days)


Registration / Tuition / Adult Classes / Private Classes / Makeup Class Policy / Refunds


  • New Students are welcome year-long.
  • Registration is easy and it is done at the Academy’s studios (not online).
  • New students will fill out a new student form right before their trial class at the studios. Students under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to sign the form.
  • A trial class is free for students under 18 years old; however, if a student decides to register, the trial class will count as your first class towards tuition. We do not offer a free trial class for adults older than 18 years old.
  • Bay Ballet Academy does not charge for a registration fee!
  • New students can enroll and begin attending classes at any time during the scholar year.
  • The Academy welcomes students of all ages, sizes, and skill levels. We are open year round and we keep the same schedule through the summer as well.

TUITION (ages 3 to 18 years old)

  • Students pay classes per semester. One class per week will total 24 classes for the semester, two classes per week will result in 48 classes, three classes will be 72, and so on.
  • New students can try a class for free and join the Academy at any time during the semester / year. Tuition will be pro-rated. (Trial class will count as your first class if a student joins the Academy)
  • Returning students must pay semester tuition in full whether or not they start at the beginning of the session. Missed classes can be made up during the semester.
  • Semester tuition is paid in July and January.
  • There is a minimum of TWO required ballet classes for Ballet III and up per week.
  • The Winter-Spring Semester tuition begins on January, and it ends on June. The Summer-Fall semester comprehends the months of July through December.
  • Bay Ballet Academy offers extended instruction; we are open year-round. Our class schedule remains the same throughout the year.
  • Family Discount: 10% for two students, 20% for three students & 30% for four or more students (discount is for students who live in the same household, including adults and/or siblings).
  • We accept cash or checks payable to Bay Ballet Academy (Sorry, no credit cards). Please, write the student’s name and number of classes taken per week on the check. For example: Mary x 3 per week. Also, most banks’ websites conveniently offer free monthly or recurring payments which can be scheduled directly from your personal checking account.
  • Students can take two or more consecutive classes in different levels to increase the amount of training within a day. For example, a student can take Ballet II and III in a single day. However, in order to add and combine new classes, all students must receive permission from the Academy’s Director.


ADULTS (ages 18 & up)

  • Adults have three tuition options: single drop-in classes, monthly or semester.
  • Adult Drop-in Group Ballet Class (ages 18 & up): 1hr – $15. Single drop-in classes must be paid before to the beginning of the class. We accept cash or checks payable to Bay Ballet Academy.
  • Adults who paid by the month will receive $5 discount per class monthly. For example:
    • 1- class per week per month is $55
    • 2- class per week per month is $110
    • 3-class per week per month is $165 and so on…
  • Adult can also pay classes by semester. Please see above for semester tuition.



Our private ballet classes and dance coaching will:

  • Advance your dance technique quickly.
  • Reach and improve your artistic goals.
  • Prepare for variations for dance and ballet competitions.
  • Improve dance skills and coaching for different disciplines such as: figure ice skating, gymnastics, etc
  • Help recovering from injuries and slowly getting back to shape.



  • A makeup class must be used within the same or following week at the latest. These classes cannot transferred to subsequent months or semesters.
  • Classes missed the last week of a month should be made up within the first week of the next calendar month when a student returns to class.
  • Students may makeup a missed class by attending another class of the same or a lower level.
  • Missed classes not made up will be lost classes.
  • Tuition will not be refunded for unattended classes or classes that are not made up.
  • Students must check in and let the instructor of the class know that they are attending a makeup class.
  • Lyrical / Jazz / Hip Hop Classes can be made up with the same class or ballet classes in case there are no other lessons available.



There will be no refunds for unused classes and no tuition reductions for students who go out of town or become sick. If you are consistently absent and late in tuition payments, we will presume that you no longer wish to be enrolled, and give away your spot in the classroom.

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